Forestry machines are a difficult job, as they work in very tough situations. Extreme cold or hot, rough ground situations, long running hours, and debris and dusty air increase the chances of mechanical breakdown. Here, in this post, a few tips are shown that will properly maintain the machine, keep it in the best running condition and also stay productive.

Why is proper preventive maintenance important?

Proper preventive maintenance has the ability to increase the life of any machine. It can even lower the frequency as well as severity of repairs and increase productive uptime. On the other hand, inferior level of maintenance can result in catastrophic failures that might lead to expensive repair, lost revenue and downtime. is one of the leading firms to buy a variety of loaders.

Effectively clean the radiator

It is very important to get the radiator cleaned on a regular basis to keep free airflow throughout the core. It enables you to remove a lot of heat. Working conditions like pollen, leaves, debris and dust can all impact the level of cleaning needed and the level of frequency too.

Thoroughly check the condition of your engine coolant

Do this on a regular basis so as to keep the machine operating in a cool state. It prolongs the life of engine too.

Sample oil

Sample oil helps in protection of engine components. It ensures extension of engine life and optimum performance too. It forms a baseline for any normal wear and tear of a specific component, as well as detection of any type of contaminants too.

This can assist in detection of issues that can easily be corrected at a very lesser cost as compared to any major overhauls and repairs linked with catastrophic failure.

Perform preventive maintenance

Perform the maintenance at regular interval of time. Don’t delay maintenance activities as it can result in higher level of wear and tear on internal components.

Use good quality of filters

Any inferior quality of filter will allow oil, air, and fuel to get contaminated with dirt. It can lead to wear and tear of internal components with passing time.

Pay attention to warning signals

Ignore warning signals and continue to operate any machine under such conditions that may result in any catastrophic failure. Following such maintenance issues will aid in keeping equipment functioning at the best optimum level, lower operational costs, as well as reduce the value of your machine investment.


As a logger is also a machine, it will need repairing. This will incur a lot of money and time too. All these tips will help in keeping a loader in the best running state forever.

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