This has sparked allot of debates previously. Is Linux designed and can it run correctly like a business enterprise system, or perhaps is it mainly designed with regards to your home PC, or possibly just like an experimental system? I’ve lately read articles, compiled by one or two Oracle database expert, praoclaiming that Linux isn’t a true Enterprise Server platform, but instead a method designed with regards to your home PC. Without a doubt just a little story… something I’ve experienced about nine years ago.

I had been employed by a medium-sized private company (around 120 employees). In 1999, we made the decision to maneuver all of our in-house systems to a Linux PC. Yes that’s correct!…a Linux PC. No server hardware technology, no high finish memory or hard disk technology, only a plain, simple PC. If my memory serves me properly, it had been a Pentium II with 256Mb RAM.

So within the finish, i was running our Internet FTP site, our Website, our E-mail system, in addition to our Intranet, Database and Call Logging system about this little PC.

In 2001, i was bought by another IT company (comparable size as our old company). The large “moving” day showed up, and that i required our little Linux “server” towards the new companies premises. I still remember right before switching the machine off, the “uptime” around the system was 390 days! Within their server room, they’d the best searching servers (All Home windows 2000 server editions). They’d a web server for his or her Website, another server for his or her database, a different one for that e-mail… well…you see what i mean, and you may think of the surprise on their own faces after i walked along with this little PC under my arm. I still remember them asking me… “What exactly are you running with that little bit of junk?”….that I responded…”EVERYTHING!”

Therefore the days went past, having a home windows server reboot here, and the other reboot there. Sometimes their systems gave weird problems, that built them into do faultfinding for hrs on finish, as well as in the corner, on the ground, our little A linux systemunix just stored ongoing on and on. Pointless to state, within the finish, I built them into begin to see the light!(Though it required us a year to convince them). In 2002 I helped these to move all of their Home windows based servers to ONE Linux server. Sure it had been a far greater system than our old little Linux PC, but a minimum of I possibly could mature our old A linux systemunix, to become a real Linux Server system, fancy hardware and all sorts of!

Sure we’ve come a lengthy way since 2001 and 2002. The server platforms have evolved and lots of problems of history were taken care of.

Therefore if we return to the initial question: “Is Linux the ideal choice, with regards to a business enterprise server solution?” For all of us it had been the ideal choice in 1999 and 2002, and that i can promise you it’s still the ideal choice!

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