Nowadays, the corrugated box industry is very competitive. Apart from delivering the boxes in the record time at the best prices and with the technology levels available, the standard requirement of conception and creation of the ideal box format is set very high. You need to deliver 100 percent defect free boxes. To help you make the best boxes ever, follow the tips listed below.

  • Keep it clean

You may have across this a lot. This is done so as to make sure it has been kept clean. If working with an older glue pot and wheel, you may find a little glue slinging. This impacts the quality of the glue joint and make stickers where boxes in the bundle stick together. Gluepot and wheels also build adhesive contamination with dust and debris. Also, the metered amount of glue is tough to maintain to make sure there is a proper bond. When it comes to glue applicators, they may be the cleanest choice, but you need to check them on a daily basis to prevent possible nozzle or applicator clogging.

  • Reduce the possibility of any human error

This may seem impossible to root for, but still can be implemented to some extent. When you are working with varied sized board panels and speed requirements in the corrugated box department, you need to adjust the pattern length constantly and placement to keep a consistent and high quality adhesive application. This consumes a lot of time and any kind of distraction can cause product loss too. You can upgrade your adhesive application system to a gluing station that can bear automated pattern changes which guarantees a proper glue lap joint no matter the length of the tab or panel.

  • Make sure that the board is duly guarded, folded and printed properly.

Nowadays you can easily integrate a QA vision inspection system into your process. QA has three parts: determine the non-conforming product, get rid of it from the production line, and monitor the statistics to hold plant operations responsible. These components are now used in vision based QA today. Snapshots of defective products are then saved and catalogued. Machine performance can also be looked after and analyzed statistically. The same statistics help the managers to be aware of the progress on converting lines when they happen to take corrective actions on time.

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