Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful tools for marketers today. Now as everyone is paying heed to this path, it is very common to make a few common mistakes in rush. Here are the few of them to avoid.

  1. Not understanding your audience

If you don’t know the customer, you cannot create a long term influencer marketing strategy successfully. Such companies should place their tasks on hold unless and until they learn about the customers and what they are interested in from you. For creating a marketing persona, you may want to understand the buying habits, demographics, psychographics etc. This data is collected by customer interviews.

  1. Using the wrong channels

SG Influencers marketing doesn’t give the same benefits on all brand channels. Effectiveness is determined on the basis of your customer focus and brand audience. When implementing on Facebook or Twitter, rather than Instagram, the Gen Z audience will not be impacted by it as the latter is more active on Instagram.

  1. Expecting overnight results

This is not applicable in influencer marketing. Such methods only help in brand awareness. Once you gain a lead, they still have to go through the sales funnel for considering and deciding before a purchase is made. When your campaign is focused on creating awareness, it takes time for leads to make a purchase. And this is determined on the basis of your average sales cycle.

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